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Ready to feel pampered, attractive and powerful?

(Only 1 catch: 

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 Enter to win a complimentary boudoir experience!

This is what 
confidence looks like!



Boudoir is a special type of photography - it's intimate photography.  YOU decide how sensual or modest you want to be in your images. No other photography empowers you by pushing you to face your limits of vulnerability in front of a stranger.  However, with every passing minute, you shed self-doubt and body critiques.  You suddenly feel ATTRACTIVE, BOLD AND EMPOWERED. This is unlike anything you have ever done before; no other photography experience leads you on this is a journey to self love, acceptance and confidence. Magically you shed the old, worn down you and transform into the energized wonderful creature that you were meant to be. This is not hype. The more set in your ways, the stronger your self challenge... the better you will end up feeling.  The experience is the magic ride and the images are a wonderful visual momentos to show (or not).  

We all age and veer away from daring and fun attitudes that brought us joy in our youth as a result of life; our obligations and responsibilities.  And so, sometimes we wake up and just feel restless, bored or unattractive. You know deep inside there is nothing wrong with you but you are "just not that into you" or your mundane routine. You always put others or your work first and suddenly now you feel aged. What happened to the fun, hot and exciting person you once felt yourself to be? Nothing. That person is still in you!  How do you regain that youthful spark back? Do something out of your comfort zone! No need to go mountain climbing; lets start with a fun, frisky and pampering boudoir experience.  With out a doubt, this will give your ego a boost faster than workouts, plastic surgery or medical spas. Boudoir photography is the luxury way to be pampered and gain confidence without pain in just a few hours! You are worth it!

Special note: Although we welcome all women and men over 18 years old, including LGBTQ+ community, couple photography is especially rewarding.  There is a visible, palpitable improvement of mutual romantic feelings, appreciation and a spark of attraction reignited after a couple's photo shoot! Spice it up! 


Ready to go for it?
Win a complimentary boudoir experience!


Sign up to enter this contest by messaging us in at least 3 sentences why you would be the best winner.

By entering, you (and partner if submitting as couple) consent to images (no nudity)

displayed on this website or utilized for marketing purposes. 

Images are copyrighted to Aphrodite's Boudoir but winner(s) may use images for personal purposes.

Contest ends May 5, 2024 11:59pm PST/ Winner will be notified May 6 before 8pm PST.

Only 1 entry per person/coupleBest essay will win and posted on this site.

We have only the best intentions, please have the best intentions,too.

In case of dispute, we procede with arbitration.

This contest is open to residents 18 years or older of the following cities in California:

Chula Vista,  (South Bay) San Diego, Coronado, Imperial Beach, Otay and National City.


¡Gracias por enviar!

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