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                            PHOTO SHOOT

Here at
Aphrodite's Boudoir,
goddess of
love and beauty,
inspires you to let your
inner love and beauty emerge
and empower you.
It is in your home where all the 
magic and fun will happen.
You are worth every second of it!


A Unique Experience

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Hello Friends!

The experience is the same for women, men and couples. The description is focused on our female friend for simplicity of wording.


The First Consult

Your experience starts from your first contact with a friendly consultation on the phone or over coffee. Whether you book with us or not I am on your side, I want a positive connection. I will explain what a boudoir session is, why it's so great, how it will make you feel incredible, what the day of the photo shoot will be like, where we can capture your best images and when I am available. I will show you examples of products I offer as souvenirs, the priced packages I offer and their payment plans. Of course, any questions you have, I will answer at any time. If we are a great match, I will send you a contract, questionaire, price list and a quick ebook how to prepare to be your very best self at the photo shoot.

Person smiling on a phone call
Dollar Bill in Jar

The Prepayment

At or after discussing needs, pricing, discounts and promotions during the first consult, the prepayment to hold the photo shoot date will be collected. Remember, the booking fee is additional to the souvenir purchase. Prepaying the souvenirs will score you a big discount as well as paying cash. To even save more please visit Promotions page.

The Creative Consult

Once contracts have been signed and I have received your questionaire, the fun begins! Together we plan your creative vision. Want a sexy image with your sport's team jersey? Want a dark moody capture? Want a playful, flirty brightly lit session? So many creative ideas to make your intimate images even more personal! This is where we connect your personality to our creativity. In this video call, I see your place and we decide where to shoot, we talk about what you like and don't like and if you want me to bring any props to transform your already cozy space to something more sensual. Even the most beautiful spaces can feel refreshed using items like florals, candles, fur rugs, silk sheets, etc.


The Boudoir
Prep Guide

Within a few days of the creative consult I will send you our helpful prep guide with checklists so you feel ready on your photoshoot. Following the key tips will make you soft, beautiful and aware of how YOU can make your images even more stunning. This prep guide will give you wardrobe ideas and where to shop as well as pointers so that you look timeless and classy.

Let me tell you that we will be excited to come to you and see you attractive, pampered and having fun! When we come to your door, you will direct us to the areas we talked about on our video call so we can set up while you start getting pampered!

The Big Day!

Aphrodite's Boudoir Door Service

Tasty Beginings!

Cleared of food allergies or dislikes, we start the pampering with bubbly and fresh chocolate dipped strawberries (unless you advised other preferences on our questionaire)!

Today, You Are The Celebrity!

Why not use the Hollywood Red Carpet Glow Up Mask found in an old InStyle magazine's Oscars season issue? We think YOU are worth it and the glow you get by the 4 ingredient recipe adds a special touch!

Aphrodites Boudoir mask and pampering

Plan on an evening out (or sexy night in!) after your session so your ego high will be fully enjoyed! Let's face it, Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Dior, YSL and other designer makeup is special but more so when you get to try luxury brands you haven't used in a while or when it was a special occasion like being a bride! Often when you have a makeup session with a makeup artist it is a pampering feeling even when they appy makeup that is economically made for makeup artists. With us you get luxury makeup that you know is the best and most coveted. Your look will be natural yet luminous and glamourous... letting you be you only better! Men, we won't forget you as we mix in a touch of makeup to a touch of moisturizer so you look manly with incredibly youthful skin.

Aphrodite's Boudoir Lux Makeup

The Hair and Makeup!

The Boudoir Wardrobe

In the event you wished you brought other lingerie, we got you! Borrow from our robes and lingerie selection size 0-6x; or buy from our never worn items for purchase!

Aphrodite's Boudoir Rhinestone bikini
Home Decor

The Props

We want you to love being in the privacy of your own home. Your intimate beauty is easily captured in familiar surroundings. Still, little special touches like satin sheets or beautifully scented candles, a faux tree to peek out from and a pretty flower vase can freshen a space. We bring props to stage your location... ready to make you feel special and at ease. Additionally, sensual smells and favorite music will ensure your ambiance is memorable.

The Hour

Unlike other studios that give you 1-3 outfit changes, we don't. You can have unlimited, and being home, you can easily change your mind on what to wear without much time lost. Just be mindful... time does not slow or stop because you want to try a different outfit... that is why the prep guide can help you plan in advance so we get your best looks. During your photo shoot hour, I will be directing you to poses that will highlight your best features and de-emphasize the not so favorite ones. Just like a camera can add 10lbs, a good photographer can make you seem to have lost 10lbs as well! Wouldn't you love to finish your photo session loving your looks immediately without the diet?

Aphrodite's Boudoir photo shoot

So we had lots of fun to the music... and we are all feeling very proud and positive... but its not the end. We collect our things and go off to make those images we took into professionally retouched images... never looking fake or overdone... just a bit of lightening around your eyes and bring down light around your body. We will have discused your retouching expectations in our creative consultation so we will be on the same page. After a few days, I will contact you to show you how wonderful you came out when we captured an intimate glimpse of beauty. You will select your favorites images and I will go back to put in the order(s) to our suppliers. Rest assured your souvenirs will be of the highest quality available! Withing days to a couple of weeks, depending on what you ordered and once final payment is received, I will deliver your products. We will continue to see each other through Aphrodite's Socials till you want to do it all again!

Not The End...

Pamper Me!

Aphrodite's Boudoir Champaign
Aphrodite's Boudoir Glow mask


Red Carpet

Glow Up Mask

   *1/4 C. Brown Sugar

   *1/4 C. Milk

   *1 1/2 Tbs. Honey

   *2 Tsp. Olive or Coconut            Oil

        Massage on face and

         hands, leave 10 min.


   *Small patch test for 


     Do not use if allergic to         any of these ingrediants.

Luxury make up at Aphrodite's Boudoir
Aphrodite's Boudoir eyeshadow

Makeup to Make You Feel Beautiful,
Elegant And Pampered!


Contact Us!

Gorgeous, Confident
And Ready
For Fun!

Aphrodite's Boudoir makeup
Aphrodite's Boudoir Hair
Aphrodite's Boudoir CHOOSING OUTFITS

Contact Us!


You Choose Look, 
I Guide You
To Your

Flattering Looks!

Aphrodite's Boudoir guidance

"Yolanda did such an
amazing job
with my maternity boudoir pictures.
She brought out my confidence
during our session and

I am very grateful for it!
I love,
 love, love my pictures and I
can't wa
it to show them off!
I highly recommend 
Aphrodite's Boudoir 1000%
Thank you Yolanda for bringing out
my beauty and self esteem!"

                -Steph G.

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 About Me

Not A Transcript:



My name is Yolanda and I want to welcome you to Aphrodite's Boudoir. Aphrodite is the greek goddess of love and beauty and she inspires me and all who join me to be fun, beautiful and empowered.  My business is focused on your self esteem.

So, I am passionate about capturing your story and an intimate glimpse of your beauty. I believe in the power of smiles, new friends, engaging deep conversations with strangers, and self discovery. I am naturally curious about people and what makes them happy. I love uplifting people and showing them their positives. I live for seeing that sparkle in people's eyes when they speak with happiness and enthusiasm. You are important and interesting. Life should be fun and joyful! This mantra is why I am the unique photographer you want to befriend.



Can't wait to meet you! 

Yolanda with her camera
Chula Vista Boudoir
With only a camera and bracelets

Boudoir in Chula Vista, CA   San Diego, CA.




  I invite you to get the focus on you, become pampered and relaxed, and then, jaming to your favorite tunes in your bedroom (or other area of your home), you dare to embrace your looks in an intimate and private photo shoot. With every passing minute, you shed self-doubt and body critiques.  You suddenly feel ATTRACTIVE, BOLD AND EMPOWERED.  You are having so much fun in doing nothing wrong but daring to show your seductiveness  (in the privacy of your home).   This is unlike anything you have ever done before; no other photography experience leads you on this is a journey to self love, acceptance and confidence. Magically you shed old, worn down you and transform into the wonderful creature that you were meant to be. This is not hype. The more set in your ways, the stronger your self challenge... the better you will end up feeling.  The experience is the magic ride and the images are a wonderful visual momentos to show (or not). With out a doubt, this will give your ego a boost faster than workouts, plastic surgery or medical spas. Boudoir photography is the luxury way to be pampered and gain confidence without pain in just a few hours! 



Aphrodite's Boudoir is a superior luxury boudoir photography company.  First of all, we are proud to be all-inclusive as long as you are over 18 years old.  Unlike traditional boudoir photographers, we don't just specialize in women (or models).  Yes, we value ALL women, brides and pregnant women.   As a modern, inclusive boudoir photographer, we welcome men and couples as well as all the LGTBQ+ community. We are about helping EVERYONE be happier than before meeting us!

   A second major reason to choose us over traditional boudoir photographers is that we come to you.  What is more convenient and comfortable than having images taken in your private space? No cold  intimidating studio with walk-ins asking questions, phones ringing, or staff walking around.  Your space - your privacy- your time. Period. 

   Thirdly, we are not just a "wham! bang! thank you ma'am!" type of business.  We are invested in you as you invest in us because we want to be your favorite photographer.  We spend time in determining your theme or style with you. We plan the scenery with you to acheive the vision you want of your images.   Do you want a fantasy world style photo shoot? Do you want to look sporty or romantic outdoor look? Do you want full out hollywood glamour or an elegant, at home, traditional intimate glimpse of beauty?  We creatively search for ways and buy items that will deliver your vision.  We care and we are not your everyday ole' photo shoot!

In fact, we also want our intimate time to lead to a valued friendship and would be thrilled to connect with you regularly through our Aphrodite's Socials community meet ups.

  Another  reason to choose us is that we offer special touches unlike many other photographers.  We come to you with pampering snacks, a home made 4 ingredient facial, luxury brand makeup and hair products, back up outfits, accessories and home enhancements such as fragrant candles, silk sheets, flowers, throws, etc.

    Lastly, we only strive for highest of quality of photo products to create the highest reputation.  We don't shop vendors for the cheapest quality to have a high profit.  We offer the best quality and uniqueness available in this country.  You may choose 1 minute movies, treasure boxes of matted prints and/or acrylic and metal wall art. We can even create 3D art of your image! How great is to memoralize you at your most boldness with a resin or metal sculpture you'll be proud to display?


August 31, 2023



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