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Welcome to
Aphrodite's Boudoir!

Who Are We
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Why choose
Aphrodite's Boudoir?

   Aphorodite's Boudoir is a superior luxury boudoir photography company.  First of all, we are proud to be all-inclusive as long as you are over 18 years old.  Unlike traditional boudoir photographers, we don't just specialize in women (or models).  Yes, we value ALL women, brides and pregnant women.   As a modern, inclusive boudoir photographer, we welcome men and couples as well as all the LGTBQ+ community. We are about helping EVERYONE be happier than before meeting us!

   A second major reason to choose us over traditional boudoir photographers is that we come to you.  What is more convenient and comfortable than having images taken in your private space? No cold  intimidating studio with walk-ins asking questions, phones ringing, or staff walking around.  Your space - your privacy- your time. Period. 

   Thirdly, we are not just a "wham! bang! thank you ma'am!" type of business.  We are invested in you as you invest in us because we want to be your favorite photographer.  We spend time in determining your theme or style with you. We plan the scenery with you to acheive the vision you want of your images.   Do you want a fantasy world style photo shoot? Do you want to look sporty or romantic outdoor look? Do you want full out hollywood glamour or an elegant, at home, traditional intimate glimpse of beauty?  We creatively search for ways and buy items that will deliver your vision.  We care and we are not your everyday ole' photo shoot!

In fact, we also want our intimate time to lead to a valued friendship and would be thrilled to connect with you regularly through our Aphrodite's Socials community meet ups.

  Another  reason to choose us is that we offer special touches unlike many other photographers.  We come to you with pampering snacks, a home made 4 ingredient facial, luxury brand makeup and hair products, back up outfits, accessories and home enhancements such as fragrant candles, silk sheets, flowers, throws, etc.

    Lastly, we only strive for highest of quality of photo products to create the highest reputation.  We don't shop vendors for the cheapest quality to have a high profit.  We offer the best quality and uniqueness available in this country.  You may choose 1 minute movies, treasure boxes of matted prints and/or acrylic and metal wall art. We can even create 3D art of your image! How great is to memoralize you at your most boldness with a resin or metal sculpture you'll be proud to display?


  I invite you to get the focus on you, become pampered and relaxed, and then, jaming to your favorite tunes in your bedroom (or other area of your home), you dare to embrace your looks in an intimate and private photo shoot. With every passing minute, you shed self-doubt and body critiques.  You suddenly feel ATTRACTIVE, BOLD AND EMPOWERED.  You are having so much fun in doing nothing wrong but daring to show your seductiveness  (in the privacy of your home).   This is unlike anything you have ever done before; no other photography experience leads you on this is a journey to self love, acceptance and confidence. Magically you shed old, worn down you and transform into the wonderful creature that you were meant to be. This is not hype. The more set in your ways, the stronger your self challenge... the better you will end up feeling.  The experience is the magic ride and the images are a wonderful visual momentos to show (or not). With out a doubt, this will give your ego a boost faster than workouts, plastic surgery or medical spas. Boudoir photography is the luxury way to be pampered and gain confidence without pain in just a few hours! 


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