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Welcome to Aphrodite's Muses!  A page dedicated to showcasing bright, successful women from our neighborhood.  A short interview will  motivate and inspire us with tales of their business journey and hard earned wisdom.

 Edith Aphrodite's Muse
american wholesale flowers chula vista

American Wholesale Flowers
Chula Vista

american wholesale flowers

Hi Edith!

Welcome to Aphrodite's Muses! You are our first inspiration story and we are thrilled to have you with us! 

Aphrodite: So, you are a successful business woman and owner of American Wholesale Flowers .  What was the situation like for you that prompted you to start your own unique business?

Edith:  I was planning to retire from the family plastic bags company that has been open since 1985. However one day, instead of retiring, I decided to do something different and change the routine.  I decided to open a warehouse of fresh flowers and continue working from time to time with the family plastic bag company. 

Aphrodite: What was a big fear when you started? Did it come true?

Edith: My biggest fear was not to make it and lose the investment. No, I never lost the investment.

Aphrodite: What was the hardest obstacle you had to overcome? What did you learn?

Edith: The hardest obstacle I had to overcome was that I didn't have too much experience in fresh flowers; but I decided to learn. I hired experts in the matter plus I took tutorials in YouTube. At first I was frustrated because the sales were not as expected.  I didn't give up and soon learned I was capeable and determined because I invested in publicity, we made a web page and advertised with google.

Aphrodite: Tell me something funny that you never expected.

Edith: The funny part is that even though I have experience with other businesses, I was still very nervous with my first customers.

Aphrodite: Would you do this all over again if you could turn back time? Why?

Edith: If I had to do it again, I would.  To me it has been a great satisfaction to face challenges in the business world as a woman.

Aphrodite: What great advice do you wish to give to anyone starting a business?

Edith: Go for it and believe in yourself!

         Thank you for telling us about your business journey, Edith.  We know others will enjoy learning about you and be inspired, too!  American Wholesale Flowers is the retail/wholesale flower warehouse for all your floral needs. You may visit them at 2256 Main St. Ste 12, Chula Vista, Ca 91911. Call them at 619 424-8337 today!

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American Wholesale Flowers

Boudoir in Chula Vista, CA   San Diego, CA 
Nov. 2022
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