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*All images displayed with permission

Here at
Aphrodite's Boudoir,
goddess of love and beauty,
inspires beauty, flirtiness and self love.

Aphrodite's  Boudoir goddess

There is a unique beauty in intimacy. The moments you are alone, relaxed and free to be yourself. Your thoughts are your own private feelings. Memories that light you up from within because you remember how brave, playful  and beautiful you can be... how loveable and special you are. It is then that your eyes sparkle and an intimate glimpse of beauty shows up. This is the loveliest moment that is worth preserving. Let us capture the experience that renews your self love. You ARE worth it... yes, even right NOW!

Our Specialties

framed window goddess

Boudoir Goddess

Boudoir Photography
For Women

You are a fun, fearless female excited to try new experiences.

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bride smelling bouquet

Bridal Goddess

An exciting time...

a moment to be pampered, joyful and sensual.

Boudoir Photography
For Brides

Aphrodite's Boudoir maternity rose milkbath

Radiant Goddess

Boudoir Photography
For Pregnant Ladies

You have that gorgeous glow as you create your most perfect love. Capture this special time.

Boudoir Adonis

You are a proud, masculine gentleman. You have confidence so why not pamper yourself?

man come to bed

Boudoir Photography
For Gentlemen

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Boudoir Loves

Boudoir Photography
For Couples

An intimate moment captured of your love and appreciation.

Your love is special (and as beautiful as a rainbow, too!)


Boudoir Muses

Your girlfriends are always there for you and always just wanna have fun!

framed friends heart

Boudoir Photography
For Girlfriends

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"I loved my wife's pictures! She had a fun time and we had such a great evening afterwards!"
      - Jorge Lemus


"I was camera shy and very nervous at first because I have never done anything like this before but Yolanda made me feel really comfortable right away. It was a fun experience and boosted my ego so definately recommend this experience."
      - Russell J. 


Boudoir Music Video 

Boudoir Mini Movies 

"It was such a fun time and my husband loves our wall print!"
      - Judith Arrellano

"My Valentine's gift to my hubby!
So much fun!Thanks Yolanda!
Great job!"
             - Jody F.


bedroom torso

A Few Nice Ideas...

aphrodite's beauty in bath
aphrodites boudoir grey bathroom.jpg

Boudoir Photography In
Chula Vista, CA / San Diego, CA

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